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Vein Clinic

What to Expect

What to Expect

During the initial consultation, a medical and surgical history will be obtained and scoring system will be used to determine the level of treatment needed. You can expect to have a full examination of both your legs. You will be asked a variety of questions about your leg problems and what you are experiencing. After the initial clinic visit and screening, you can expect to wear therapeutic compression hose for three months. A venous mapping ultrasound will be performed to assess the location and amount of reflex of all the veins in your legs. After the procedure has been completed, you will be expected to wear the same compression hose for two more months.

Possibilities if Untreated:

If left untreated, venous disease will progressively get worse over time causing increased symptoms of pain, swelling, fatigue, bleeding, ulcers, and increased your likelihood of deep vein thrombosis.